Special Events at the Banya

The banya is an inherently social experience and a great place for a range of different events.  Here are a few ideas for you

Bring a date!

That first meet-up can be pretty stressful, so why not invite your date to the banya? Any nerves you might have felt will soon evaporate and you won’t run out of things to talk about. A visit to The Bath House has everything you need for a memorable time – relax in the steam room, enjoy luxurious and invigorating treatments and then order some delicious freshly made food and drink. You bring the company and we will do the rest. Read about a recent first date experience from one of our guests.

Host a hen or stag party!

The banya has always played a central part in the social events that bookend our lives. In pre-Christian times when people still lived in rural and forest communities, the banya was the most important building in the village, somewhere the community assembled to wash as well as celebrate, feast, mourn and debate. Women often gave birth in the banya as it was the cleanest place in the village and people gathered there to mark the death of a loved one. A venik or bunch of leaves was sometimes placed on the dead body for the journey to the afterlife. Weddings were also marked by a visit to the banya. The bride and groom would wash together in order to embark upon their new life together, united, clean and rejuvenated. Getting married this summer or organizing a hen or stag do? Why not do things a bit different and host an event here at The Bath House? 

Family time at the private banya!

Family life can be hectic and fragmented and it’s harder than ever for families to spend quality time together. You can find the space for family time by visiting The Bath House and the private banya is the ideal place for that. The privacy and intimacy of your own banya, treatments rooms and drawing room will help you relax and reconnect with one another. After a special kid’s parenie, your children may even drop off if you are lucky. If they don’t, there are games like backgammon or chess, and they will love the pelmeni, honey cake and mors we make in house.    Come and make some family memories at The Bath House.