How Banya Can Help Recovery After Exercise

Oxidation and how banya can help recovery after exercise

We spoke to the leading banya master and world champion of parenie, Vladas Jokubauskas, about the benefits of using the banya after working out or going to the gym and this is what he had to say.

Oxidation is one of the reasons for the stiffness and pain you feel after a workout and can mean the need for lengthy recovery times. Luckily, visiting the banya can help to restore the neutrality and equilibrium of your body and promote recovery. 

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What is oxidation?

The pH level in your body should be more or less neutral (neither acidic, nor alkaline). When oxidation occurs, your body has an acidic pH level. This comes about due to hypoxia, the condition that arises when tissues are deprived of adequate oxygen supply. 

When oxygen is available or the intensity of physical activity is modest, energy is generated aerobically. When oxygen is in deficit or the intensity of the exercise requires it, anaerobic respiration takes place.

Typically, a single molecule of glucose produces 36 molecules of energy. When a molecule is hypoxic, it creates only 6 molecules of energy, processing the remaining 30 molecules into lactic acid.

When your kidneys and lungs are unable to maintain your body’s pH as a result of intense anaerobic exercise, lactic acid accumulates in the body. This explains the time it takes to recover after a workout. 

How to get rid of lactic acid and can a steam room help?

This is where the banya can help. Sweating expels toxins and waste from the body and can help return the pH levels of the body from acidic to neutral by facilitating the removal of lactic acid. To get rid of lactate in your system, you need to go to the banya immediately after training. That way your recovery will be faster and far less painful.  

The Bath House – Banya London is a hidden gem. The Russians and Ukrainians have been hiding this away from us and now we have taken over. I’m here almost every day and I enjoy it, I love it. It’s healthy for you, British professional boxer Derek Chisora says. 

So after your workout why not come down to The Bath House?