Special events at the banya

The banya is an inherently social experience and a great place for a range of different events.  Here are a few ideas for you Bring a date! That first meet-up can be pretty stressful, so why not invite your date to the banya? Any nerves you might have felt will soon evaporate and you won’t run out...

Banya and Women’s Health

Women’s fitness has been the subject of far fewer studies than men’s and many fitness coaches have more or less said that women should train just like men. To dispel this myth, we interviewed Alla Meijer, fitness bikini (a competitive form of bodybuilding) champion, specialist in advanced female...

How banya can help recovery after exercise

Oxidation and how banya can help recovery after exercise We spoke to the leading banya master and world champion of parenie, Vladas Jokubauskas, about the benefits of using the banya after working out or going to the gym and this is what he had to say. Oxidation is one of the reasons for the...

Banya and Mental health

  Sigmund Freud is sitting half naked on a bench with his legs crossed, his middle covered by a checked towel, while his friend Carl Gustav Jung has a towel slung over his shoulders and sits on a step a few meters away.  Both men are relaxing on the porch of what looks like a simple,...

Why should you wear the hat in Banya?

Hats have gone out of fashion in most places and aside from weddings it’s rare to see many people wearing one. There is one place however where they are still an essential accessory and that is in the banya when you are in the steam room itself. Why you should wear a hat in banya? The reason you...

The Banya Can Change Your Life

For past generations It’s a Wonderful Life was the classic Christmas movie, whereas now it might be Home Alone or Love Actually.

The History of the Banya

Before there was Russia, there was the banya. It existed before the emergence of the early Russian state, survived the Mongol invasion, persisted as Moscow united the Russian lands

Steam and Heat: Health Benefits of Banya

Do you know how exposure to steam and heat affect the human body and can benefit you during the cold and flu season? Are you aware of the health benefits of a visit to the banya? Read on to find out more.

Rituals of the Russian Banya: the Venik

In the 12th century, the Apostle Andrew visited what was to become Russia and discovered the bizarre bathing practices of the locals: “I noticed their wooden bathhouses.